Black Widow Review

The movie a lot of us MCU fans have been waiting for since Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) first made an appearance in Iron Man 2 is finally here. This solo movie is long long long overdue, but I'm so happy that the time has finally come to watch Black Widow in the cinemas (or Disney Plus). I personally have waited since at least 2012 to see Black Widow lead her own solo film, so finally getting to see this movie felt like a massive deal. So did Black Widow live up to my extremely high expectations? Yes, its a thrilling, captivating ride, tonally unlike any MCU project to date. As only the second female lead solo MCU movie, Black Widow will further open up the opportunity for more and eventually equal amounts of female led superhero movies. Which as a female superhero movie fan makes me extremely happy. Read on for my full review - there will be spoilers.  Watching Loki on Disney Plus? Check out my weekly reviews by CLICKING HERE! Narrative wise, it's important to underst

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