May the 4th: Let's Talk About the Star Wars Prequels

Happy May the fourth aka Star Wars day! Today most Star Wars fans will try and carve out sometime to watch at least one of the 11 Star Wars films, myself included. This year I wanted to celebrate the prequel trilogy, my favourite trilogy. Throughout this post I will be exploring the importance of the trilogy, the popular notion that they are 'bad', 'hated' films, the growing support, and the lack of inclusion of the trilogy in current marketing and merchandise. Last year I wrote an overview post of Star Wars, looking at the greatest scenes, the female characters and statistics so if you want to check that out CLICK HERE.  I hope you enjoy this post; let me know your feelings on the prequels in the comments below.  Are the Prequels 'Good' or 'Bad'?  All things are subjective, what one might love another might hate, this is true for all movies, including Star Wars. So, I can't really tell you to like the prequel trilogy because I do. But I would encour

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