WandaVision Review

Happy New Year everyone! Normally I kick off the New Year with an anticipated movies post but with things as they currently stand and the opening of cinema uncertain I decided, instead I would review each episode of the MCU's first TV show: WandaVision. The show premiered with two episodes on the 15th of January and will run until the 5th of March. There will be 9 episodes and I will be reviewing them all, so save this post and make sure to check it on a weekly basis for each review. This is set to be a unique show, with huge set pieces and a sitcom style. I'm most excited to see Wanda explore her powers and evolve further. The trailers so far have given very little away in terms of narrative, so we have no idea what's in store. I am so excited for this show, I have always liked the idea that Wanda would become the next MCU villain, we have watched her lose so many people that we have connected with her, so just imagine the impact of a villain arch? She would be a villain w

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