Hawkeye Review

The MCU is here with its next series instalment on Disney Plus and just in time for Christmas. See Clint Barton take centre stage in his very own story: Hawkeye. The six-part series begins on the 24th of November 2021 with a double bill, the series coming to an end on the 22nd December 2021. The show is set in New York City at Christmas time, this is only the second MCU project to take place at Christmas (the first being Iron Man 3 in 2013). The show is set two years after the events of Avengers: Endgame, so is the most recent events of the MCU. We know that Yelena (Florence Pugh) is set to make an  appearance, so Black Widow (2021) is essential viewing. I am so excited for this show! I will post weekly episode reviews here on this post, so check back each week for updates. There will be spoilers.  Check out my Eternals review:  Eternals Review (justanotherfilmblog.uk) Episode One: Never Meet Your Heroes  Episode Two: Hide and Seek Hawkeye kicks off with a double bill, which means we g

Autumn Bucket List 2020

We have officially entered the season of all things spooky! Happy Autumn or Fall depending on where you are. I absolutely love Autumn, it's not too cold, the trees become an array of bright colours, everything gets a little spooky and there are some great seasonal movies to watch with a hot drink and a cosy blanket. Last year I created an Autumn Bucket list and I had so much fun completing the list and sharing it with you all that I have decided to make another one. I would love it if you joined in and made this the best Autumn/Fall yet - after all I think we could do with some fun! Make sure you follow Just Another Film Blog on Instagram to follow along and make sure you tag us when you cross items off the list!

Let's get the boring bit out of the way first - everything on this bucket list has been thought of with Covid-19 in mind which means you will be able to social distance and keep yourself and others save whilst enjoying this season!

Now onto the fun bit! Here is the Bucket List, Below I will go into a little detail on each item. 

Take Autumn photos and take a walk in the woods: 
These two are perfect opportunities to go out and see how nature changes during Autumn, take some pictures of the orange, yellow and even red leaves. Enjoy the feeling on walking on fallen leaves and enjoy being outside. I love taking Autumn walks, there is just something so beautiful about the colours, the morning mist and the sound of birds that make it almost magical. 

Buy a jumper from a charity shop: 
Every year we all go and buy new jumpers, but what if this year we all brought one from a charity/thrift shop as well? Not only can you find a great item for your Autumn wardrobe, but you will also be supporting charities that have really struggled this year. Just make sure you wear a mask in the store, you leave the clothes for 72 hours and give it a good wash!

Watch You've Got Mail: 
This classic romantic film is the perfect Autumn watch. It is mainly set during Autumn which means there are lots of shots of a cold New York City. Plus, it's the perfect film to snuggle up and watch. 

Bake an apple pie: 
What says Autumn more than Apple Pie? Bake one up, maybe pick your own apples and enjoy!

Watch Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride: 
I am not a huge fan of horror/scary movies, so these two Tim Burton classics are perfect if you are easily scared! 

Collect conkers: 
Not only is it fun to collect conkers but they also serve several purposes. You can have a conker fight, use them as decoration and they also stop spiders from coming into your home. So, collect loads, place them near windows and doors and enjoy a spider free home. 

Watch Hocus Pocus:
I didn't discover this movie till a few years ago and now I have to watch it each year. You can check out the thoughts I had during my first viewing by CLICKING HERE 

Visit a maze: 
Mazes are great fun for all ages, just try not to get lost for too long. 

Watch Gilmore Girls: 
You say Autumn and the first TV show I think of is Gilmore Girls. I watch Gilmore Girls all the time. So why not binge a few of the Autumn episodes! I will direct you to some of these episodes on Instagram so make sure you are following.

Carve a pumpkin/visit a pumpkin patch: 
Nothing says Halloween more than Pumpkins! I like to grow my own but this year I was rather unsuccessful so will be visiting a pumpkin patch! Make sure care is taken when carving pumpkins, or why not paint them? 

Decorate for Autumn/ Halloween:
Take some time making key areas of your house look a little festive, not only will this be fun but I guarantee it will put you in the mood for Halloween and make you very happy. 

Have a Harry Potter Movie marathon: 
Harry Potter is great to watch no matter the time of year, but these magical films are great to watch when it's a little chilly outside and all you want to do it curl up on the sofa with lots of blankets and hot chocolate. 

Have a pumpkin spiced drink: 
Be basic this Autumn and get a pumpkin spiced drink! This can be anything from coffee, to hot chocolate or even a cold drink!

I cannot wait to start crossing items off this bucket list. I really hope you all like the list and I really hope you will join me on this Autumn adventure. Please let me know what your favourite Autumn activities and movies are in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, please give this post a share xxx

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