Dune: Part Two Review

Chaotic review incoming! Wow, it’s been a WHILE since I reviewed a movie, but I’ve come out of hibernation to review the much anticipated Dune: Part Two. My initial impression of Dune: Part One was: ‘for a movie that is mainly standing around, it’s a masterpiece.’ Despite my lack of experience with the source material, and my lack of reason for loving the first, I knew I had to see the second instalment on opening night. Which is exactly what I did! I’m glad I did because Dune: Part Two is categorically better than the first! Read on for my full review, potential mild spoilers with a dose of chaos! Enjoy!   Dune: Part Two picks us where the previous finished, Denis Villeneuve giving us one  continuous story, no flashbacks or memory trickers included. Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem are joined by Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, Léa Seydoux, Christopher Walken and Anya Taylor-Joy, the perfect all-star cast. The films stands at the 2h 45m mark, ye

42 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching Hocus Pocus

Hi everyone, with Halloween fast approaching  I decided to watch Hocus Pocus (1993) for the first time. I am a huge lover of Halloween, I love the costumes and the makeup, the food and the decorating. I however am not a fan of horror films, so I don't tend to watch Halloween films. But every year I see people watching and talking about Hocus Pocus, my American friends seem to love this film especially and I saw that Vanessa Hudgens recently hosted a 25th anniversary viewing. I decided that I had to watch this film. I simply had to know what the hype was all about. Read on to find out my thoughts whilst watching. This film came out 25 years ago so its safe to say this post will be full of spoilers. 

1. Aaahhh I'm so excited!!!

2. Loving the opening, the music is so dramatic.
3. Theres a child going into the woods, this cannot be good.

4. Okay these witches are hilarious - Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) are like       little children which is brilliant.

5. Did they actually just kill Emily to become young? I mean they look great but noooooo.

6. They turned Emily's brother Thackery (Sean Murray) into a cat. Such a cute cat though.

7. Oohh a 300 year time jump.

8. love that max (Omri Katz) has stairs in his bedroom. Such a cool set.

9. One minitue is someone watching him? Woe okay it's just his sister Dani (Thora Birch) panic over.

10. Max  really needs to get into the Halloween spirt.

11. Ice and his gang of bullies are really annoying - its not cool to be mean okay!

12. Allison (Vinessa Shaw) and her family sure know how to throw a fancy Halloween party.

13. Loving all of these costumes.

14. Noooo Max, Dani, Allison why would you go into the witches house?

15. Yay the cat is still alive!! - I hope he has a main role.

16.  Max said the title of the film - things just got serious.

17. Okay Max is stupid why would you light the candle that could bring the witches back.

18. Here come the witches!! Winnie's (Bette Midler) teeth are on another level.

19. Sarah is my faviourte witch.

20. The sky looks so pretty - such good use of colour.

21. I love how clueless the witches are, everything is so new to them.

22. Noooo they didn't just kill off the cat.

23. It's all fine the cat can't die what a relief.

24. 'Behold a Torture chamber' Nope its just a kitchen Winnie.

25. Winnie just hit Sarah this is just so funny.

26. Why is no one believing the witches are back?

27. I want to go to this Halloween party.

28. The witches are singing - I love it! Although I think they are casting a spell.

29. Yess they put the bullies in a cage thats called Karama.

30. Max, Allison do not open that spell book! Stupid stupid.

31. Why use a broom to fly when you could use a hoover?

32. Another song! this one has a pied pipper vibe.

33. Someone has to stop these witches from killing all these children.

34. Love how dramatic the witches are.

35. Awh Max drank the potion to save his sister.

36. Here comes the sun - just in time.

37. Bye Bye witches, they made pretty fireworks.

38. Oh no the cat has died. This is so sad.

39. But it's okay Dani freed his soul and now Thackery can be with Emily again.

40. That final shot is so pretty, with the gates and the sky.

41. The spell on the parents at the party finally broke, they must be exhausted.

42. Oh-uh the evil spell book is still alive - does that mean the witches can come back? 

So Hocus Pocus turned out to be not what I was expecting, but I honestly really enjoyed it. The characters are all so likeable and the witches are hilarious which hides just how evil they are. Considering the story takes place over one night I think it's great. If you have not watched this film then I would highly recommend it!! It is a perfect Halloween film. 

Thank you for reading x 

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    Never watched this film before! Feel intrigued now so may have to watch it


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