An Open Letter To DC Extended Universe

So this is a bit of an unusual post but the DC Extended Universe really annoys me! I don't know if anyone feels the same way. But I think DC movies have the potential to be amazing, a force to actually rival the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but for so many reasons they fall behind Marvel at the box office, in reviews, in the media etc... Do not get me wrong there are some things I really like about the DCEU - I love how they have stemmed several of the movies from Gods, I like the fact that they gave us Wonder Woman way before Marvel even considered making a female led movie, they have great casting and I loved the whole Aquaman vibe. I am going to use this post to detail where I think the DCEU has been going wrong. This won't be a huge post, just wanted to get a few of my thoughts out there. 
Okay so my first issue is there seems to have been no long term planning. I feel like there was no specific timeline set for the release of movies and the introduction of characters. The timeline seems to be all over the place with nothing really matching up. This would not be a huge issue if each film was a stand alone movie but that is not the case. When DC released The Justice League it did not go down too well with audiences and I think that was because it was released to early on, with little build up. So what should DC do next? I think they need to release, Shazam, Wonder Woman 1984 and The Flash movies and then a second Justice League movie. I think they could even do a darker style - the DC Villains are so psychotic that it would be great to see the hero's fight them.  

It looks like DC will have to recast both Superman and Batman, which is a shame because I think the casting of both Henry Cavill and Ben Afflect respectively were good choices. But if both are to be replaced then I have two suggestions. The first is that The Flash movie should feature the flashpoint storyline, where The Flash alters reality - which would allow two new actors to take on the roles of Batman and Superman. The Second is for the time being Batman and Superman take a backseat and Wonder Woman and Aquaman take lead of the Justice League. The second option would require, I think a lot more planning because there would be questions such as: Where are Batman and Superman? and Why are Batman and Superman now played by different actors? I personally would go for the first option as I think it has more potential and only The Flash would know anything was different.

The thing that annoys me the most however is the fact that there seems to be DC films coming out/leaked all over the place. In my head nothing makes sense anymore, the timeline has been officially thrown out of the window. Like there's a Joker movie that doesn't even relate to the DCEU, there's the film about The Trench?? and then loads of stand alone movies. DCEU should create a timeline and a plan and then just stick to it. To me it seems like DCEU is juggling far to much, that will all have to tie up for a Justice League 2 movie. It just seems like a mess. (Let's not even mention the endless non connected TV shows). Also there are incomplete storylines, it is hinted in Batman vs Superman that Joker Killed Robin - now that is a storyline I would like to see.

Okay so this one may sound harsh but it seems like DC are still falling to peer pressure, every time the media or trolls say something bad about their movies they change track. For example this whole Suicide Squad situation: They've dropped Jared Leto as the Joker (Honestly that man can act, they should give him another go but with better direction), then they are making a Birds of Prey trilogy (Okay cool but how is this even going to work? Just rush straight into it with a whole lot of new characters? Because that just won't work) and now Will Smith has reportedly left. Okay so a few people didn't like the first film - I though it had real potential, but that does not mean DC should cave to the media. Also just because Aquaman was a huge hit doesn't mean we need a Trench film, that's literally ridiculous. So what I'm saying is stick to your guns DC do not be bullied!!

Well this actually turned in to quite a long post didn't it? Oopps my bad! But these are just a few thoughts I have regarding the DCEU. They need to tighten up and pull everything together and then they might be able to compete with Marvel - which is something they really need to do considering Marvel now have the rights to X-Men and The Fantastic Four. After the release of Avengers: Endgame would have been the perfect time for DC to hit it big time because I reckon there will be a year lull in MCU movies that DCEU could have capitalised on. What they need to do is get central person like Marvel's Kevin Feige and they need to stop hiring Marvel's casts off to direct, and never let one person write, star in and direct the same movie (That was never going to end well). Honestly I do think theres real potential here, lets see what DCEU does next.

Anyway I am really looking forward to the Release of Shazam! The trailer look incredible after all and it looks like it will tie in with the other movies! Which is great!!

Also the Villains are DC's strong suit - use them!

Thank you for reading!  If anyone from DC is reading this and wants to offer me a job please get in contact! haha.

 Let me know what you think in my comments below xx

I have previously taked about how critics pulled down Suicide Squad you can find that article here:  


  1. Totally agree with all of this. They are all over the place and wasted Cavill and Affleck. By now we should have had a MOS2 and a Batman movie with a Cyborg and Flash movie on the way. Such a shame that theres so much quality been wasted here.

  2. Thank you for reading Daviogram! I could not agree more, there has been so much wasted time and talent. Such a shame.


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