2023 Just Another Film Blog Awards

It’s once again time for the Oscars. In 2019 I decided to start my own film awards the JAFB Awards and I received an overwhelming response! So, I am very happy to share with you the winners of The JABF Awards 2023. You should probably know that I my issue with the Oscars is their lack of diversity not just in gender, race and background but in genre - I give awards to the films I enjoyed over the past year, most of which are popular movies.  2023 was a huge year for film, the first year post covid where all films scheduled to release at the cinema did so. It was a huge year for franchises and superhero movies however this success is not reflected in the Oscar nominations - not that I'm surprised. Diversity wise the Oscars is making no huge moves to change, with most nominations and awards going to white males in general - the majority of the best picture nominations feature male leads and no female directors have been nominated. The Oscars year on year highlight the lack of equalit

Creed III Review

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to join Warner Bros. and MGM at the multimedia screening of Creed III. A trip to the cinema to watch Creed III was the prefect escape from the never ending cold, bleak winter we are having in the UK at the moment. So, I have a little confession to make, I have only ever seen moments of the Rocky and Creed films to date. What a mistake that was, if Creed III is anything to go by, I've been missing out on the whole boxing sub-genre of drama movies. And this lapse is going to be corrected asap, Creed III hooked me in a way that has made it imperative that I watch its predecessors. Creed III marks Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut and what a debut it is! I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you all, so please read on for my full review of Creed III. (Possible minor spoilers). 

Round One: Plot!

Creed III is centred around the rivalry between Donnie Creed (Michael B. Jordan) and childhood friend Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors). Damian pops up outside Creed's boxing gym after serving a long sentence in prison, with a need to prove himself as a boxer, ready to build on his pre-jail boxing prodigy status. The Creed Damian finds is retired and living life as a family man, supporting his wife Bianca (Tessa Thompson) and daughter  Amara (Mila Davis-Kent). Whilst the narrative is predictable, its highly satisfying, everything I wanted to happen, happened. The film managed to perfectly combine hugely emotive and trauma fuelled moments with euphoric, tense hyped fights. In parts the film does lag, the slower moments perhaps too slow the pacing slightly off, perhaps a short run time than almost two hours would have worked to have created a slightly slicker film. But those moments where the film takes pause do offer us insight into the characters and their motivations, which makes the fights, the stakes, the drama all that more engaging. I left the cinema feeling thrilled and satisfied. 

Round Two: Cast

This is not going to be the only time I say this: Jonathan Majors is an absolute powerhouse of an actor. He plays Damian with incredible conviction, mastering the intricate details of the character. Both Majors and Jordan are playing characters that have so much trauma from their childhood, but despite this they showcase two very different ways of dealing with trauma. Lesser actors would not be able to give the layers of depth, emotion and power to the characters of Creed and Damian yet Jordan and Majors make it look effortless. The relationship created between Creed, Bianca and Amara is beautiful, it would be so easy for a film like this to gloss over the sentimental, family narrative. Yet Creed III places family at the very centre of the film, creating a family where each person supports, motivates and challenges one another. The whole cast is impressive, delivering convincing performances making every moment believable.   

Round Three: Style

The film has two main styles, the seemingly mundane day-to-day life which is comprised of shots that stick close to characters as the camera follows them on drives, at dinners and during conversations. And the euphoric, thrilling fight scenes, both training scenes and actual matches. These scenes play particular attention to the body, the movements of each fighter and their psyche. Michael B. Jordan has credited anime as the inspiration for some of the fighting style throughout and visually you can see why, the close up on the punches and the impact of each hit is shot beautifully, as a viewer you can feel each punch, causing the temptation to recoil from the screen. The film features a perfect mix of score by Joseph Shirley and soundtrack by various artists, the combination creates a great vibe, that hypes you up, adding to the investment in the action.    

Overall, Creed III is a fantastic watch, taking us of a journey filled with past trauma, thrilling but emotive fights and a wonderful family dynamic. I got so into the film that when I got home I found myself looking up tickets for the upcoming Anthony Joshua boxing fight next month! (Anyone want to go?). Michael B. Jordan makes an incredible directorial debut with Creed III I cannot wait to see what's next! Creed III is in cinemas on the 3rd of March 2023. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Thank you for reading xx