2023 Just Another Film Blog Awards

It’s once again time for the Oscars. In 2019 I decided to start my own film awards the JAFB Awards and I received an overwhelming response! So, I am very happy to share with you the winners of The JABF Awards 2023. You should probably know that I my issue with the Oscars is their lack of diversity not just in gender, race and background but in genre - I give awards to the films I enjoyed over the past year, most of which are popular movies.  2023 was a huge year for film, the first year post covid where all films scheduled to release at the cinema did so. It was a huge year for franchises and superhero movies however this success is not reflected in the Oscar nominations - not that I'm surprised. Diversity wise the Oscars is making no huge moves to change, with most nominations and awards going to white males in general - the majority of the best picture nominations feature male leads and no female directors have been nominated. The Oscars year on year highlight the lack of equalit

Not-So-Scary Movie Watchlist

Happy spooky season! I’ve spent September dusting off my vampire fangs, shining my witches' shoes and growing pumpkins in anticipation of Autumn and Halloween! I absolutely love Autumn, it’s not too cold, the trees become an array of bright colours, everything gets a little spooky and there are some great seasonal movies to watch with a hot drink and a cosy blanket. Over the past few years I’ve always created Autumn themed bucket lists, last years was even Harry Potter themed (find them here: Autumn Bucket lists).

This year I decided to combine my love for Halloween with my love for films and create a movie watchlist. There are so many horror films, thrillers and all-round spooky films to watch at Halloween. However, what do you watch when like me, you hate scary films? Well, I’ve put together a bucket list of the best not so spooky films to watch this Halloween. All the Halloween movie fun, without having to skip a night's sleep! I hope you enjoy this Not-So-Scary Movie Watchlist!!!

Let me know what movie you are planning on watching first? What is our go to spooky film? 

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Thank you for reading xx