Haunted Mansion Review

 Ready for a little spookiness in August? I'll be honest the desire to throw on a jumper, buy pumpkins and embrace all things spooky has hit me early this year, mainly due to the depressing summer weather here in the UK. But something still feels slightly off about releasing a ghost movie in the middle of summer but that is exactly what Disney have done with Haunted Mansion. Haunted Mansion is the second film of its name release by Disney, The Haunted Mansion (Rob Minkoff, 2003) was my go-to childhood scary movie, although there is no link between the two films. It is also the second film to be based on a Disney ride, the first being the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The ride features at five Disney Parks, under three names: The Haunted Mansion, Phantom Manor and Mystic Manor, and the film makes numerous nods to the dark ride. So, join me foolish mortals on a journey to the Haunted Mansion.  Haunted Mansion's opening act is perfect, scary and full of mystery. As we open

Not-So-Scary Movie Watchlist

Happy spooky season! I’ve spent September dusting off my vampire fangs, shining my witches' shoes and growing pumpkins in anticipation of Autumn and Halloween! I absolutely love Autumn, it’s not too cold, the trees become an array of bright colours, everything gets a little spooky and there are some great seasonal movies to watch with a hot drink and a cosy blanket. Over the past few years I’ve always created Autumn themed bucket lists, last years was even Harry Potter themed (find them here: Autumn Bucket lists).

This year I decided to combine my love for Halloween with my love for films and create a movie watchlist. There are so many horror films, thrillers and all-round spooky films to watch at Halloween. However, what do you watch when like me, you hate scary films? Well, I’ve put together a bucket list of the best not so spooky films to watch this Halloween. All the Halloween movie fun, without having to skip a night's sleep! I hope you enjoy this Not-So-Scary Movie Watchlist!!!

Let me know what movie you are planning on watching first? What is our go to spooky film? 

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