Hawkeye Review

The MCU is here with its next series instalment on Disney Plus and just in time for Christmas. See Clint Barton take centre stage in his very own story: Hawkeye. The six-part series begins on the 24th of November 2021 with a double bill, the series coming to an end on the 22nd December 2021. The show is set in New York City at Christmas time, this is only the second MCU project to take place at Christmas (the first being Iron Man 3 in 2013). The show is set two years after the events of Avengers: Endgame, so is the most recent events of the MCU. We know that Yelena (Florence Pugh) is set to make an appearance, so Black Widow (2021) is essential viewing. I am so excited for this show! I will post weekly episode reviews here on this post, so check back each week for updates. There will be spoilers. 

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Episode One: Never Meet Your Heroes 
Episode Two: Hide and Seek
Hawkeye kicks off with a double bill, which means we get over and Hour and a Half of content in one go! The MCU's way of giving us a nice little Christmas gift. These episodes set up the rest of the season, setting up the narrative whilst most importantly introducing us to Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). The opening scene of the series dives into her origin story, which began during the events of Avengers: Assemble (2012), where Hawkeye saves her from the Chitauri. Jump forward to post Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Kate is a celebrated 22-year-old athlete getting kicked out of college. For the first time Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is centre of attention, beginning with the flashback to the events of 2012. Clint attempts to take some family time with his children: Lila (Ava Russo), Cooper (Ben Sakamoto) and Nathaniel (Cade Woodward) in NYC at Christmas. However, his plans are derailed when Kate caught-up in a heist, steels and dons the Ronin costume.

The dynamic between Clint and Kate is already great fun to watch, there is certainly a parent and child vibe. This vibe is heighted by Kate who sees Hawkeye as her idol - the whole reason she began training in archery, martial arts and various other sports. The way their relationship develops will certainly be at the very centre of the series, I can already anticipate Kate's devastation upon discovering that Clint was Ronin. For Kate the show is clearly going to be about her development, into a hero, becoming an adult and dealing with family drama. Clint starts the show in a darker place, mourning the death of Natasha his best friend, he is also dealing with a disability. Clint now wears a hearing aid after suffering injuries during his Avenger adventures. Furthermore, it looks like it is finally time for him to confront his past as Ronin, an identity it would seem only the Avengers and his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) are aware of. But it looks like the truth will be revealed as the Tracksuit Mafia are hot on the hunt for Ronin. The Tracksuit Mafia are a little on the funny side, but their leader Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) also known as Echo is sure to be a formidable villain. 

These first two episodes also introduced another character: Lucky the Pizza Dog who is played by the Golden Retriever Jolt. So not only is the show set at Christmas, the most magical time of the year but there is also a cute fluffy dog as a main character. I think I'm going to like Hawkeye. The show is also full of intrigue, Kates family at the very centre of the drama. The situation with her mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) and her new fiancĂ© Jack (Tony Dalton) is interesting, with the later appearing to have murdered his uncle Armand (Simon Callow). I would like to know why Jack was so eager to obtain Ronin's Sword. I also have a feeling we will be seeing more of Kates dead father David (Brain d'Arcy James). Another character that is only shown twice is Kazi (Fra Fee) a member of the Tracksuit Mafia, I have a feeling he will end up being an ally of Kates. 

Overall, a very interesting, fun start to the Hawkeye series. It's great to see Clint finally get his own story - the last of the original six Avengers to do so. Haliee Steinfeld is already a great addition to the MCU and I'm excited to see where the show takes her character. Also did anyone else notice that Kates family home looks a lot like Blair Waldorf's apartment in Gossip Girl? And what was that Rodgers musical? I can understand why Clint and his family left. I cannot wait to see Clint develop further as his own character away from the Avengers, bring on the next episode!