Strange World review

Ready to embark on an adventure? Good because Disney is back at the cinemas with their newest animated feature: Strange World , and I had the privilege to attend the multimedia screening for the film over the weekend. It's been a while since most of us last experienced the magic of a Disney animated film at the cinema due to covid, so get ready to embrace Strange World . Strange World is the perfect adventure movie that will leave audiences feeling like an explorer, whether you're a child or an adult you'll be inspired to discover hidden wonders and fulfil your dreams. It's so good to have Disney back on the big screen! Read on for my full spoiler free review. Join the multigenerational Clade family, there's the explorer grandfather Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quad), his farmer son Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal), Searchers wife and pilot Meridian Clade (Gabrielle Union) and their son Ethan Clade (Jaboukie Young-White) as they venture to save their planet Avalonia. The f

10 Greatest Pixar Films

Hi everyone, I hope you're well and staying safe. I have another watchlist for you! Following last week's Disney watchlist (Click here for that post), I've put together a Pixar list! Pixar has a lot of great movies and a fair few disappointing ones. So, I have narrowed down Pixar's cinematic library to just their 10 greatest movies. I hope your faviourte made the list! You will be able to print/save/share the list and cross off as you watch or just cross off the ones you've seen - make sure you share and tag Just Another Film Blog! I hope you like the list! Let me know what your favourite Pixar film is in the comments below. 

Toy Story (1995) 

The original Pixar film was Toy Story and what a great film it is! Toy Story showed us how creative, clever and imaginative animated could be and it is amazing! Who doesn't love Woody, Buzz and the gang?  

A Bug's Life (1998)

Pixar's second film is about an underdog and his journey to prove himself. On this adventure film we meet a lot of characters that need a place in the world, and we watch a colony of ants overcome a group of bullies. Plus, this film is hilarious - what's not to love? 

Toy Story 2 (1999) 

Pixar's first attempt at a sequel and it does not disappoint! Not only do we re-join our faviourte characters, but we are also introduced to even more great characters. Everything about Toy Story 2 is brilliant - especially the Al's Toy Barn break in scene.  

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Sully and Mike are one of the best double acts in animation history. Boo is adorable and the story is incredibly inventive - what child hasn't been scared of a monster under the bed/in the closet - this film teaches children not to fear monsters. It's also incredibly funny. 

The Incredibles (2004) 

The Incredibles is a very different Pixar movie - it is the first film where humans are the main characters. The dynamic of a superhero family that have to hide who they really are because the world cannot accept them is incredible. The music and artistic style of this film are unique, and Edna is fabulous. 

Cars (2006) 

Cars gets a lot of bad press; however I love this film. Cars is a wholesome tale, full of likeable characters. This film is so creative and beautifully animated - just look at the background and you'll spot car parts and all sorts. 

WALL-E (2008)

How could anyone not love WALL-E? This film is adorable but also hard hitting - tackling issues such as the environment and technology. I think WALL-E holds up a mirror to society but manages to hide it under a love story and an incredibly cute lead character.  

Toy Story 3 (2010) 

Eleven years after Toy Story 2 teenagers (myself included) rushed to the cinema to go on another adventure with our favourite childhood characters and we all cried our eyes out. Toy Story 3 is a fantastic film, that took us back to Pixar's roots. 

Brave (2012) 

Pixar's own attempt at a princess film is nothing but enjoyable. Placing focus on a strong female lead and her relationship with her family is incredibly inspirational. Plus, this film has a healthy dose of magic. 

Onward (2020)  

Pixar's newest film Onward is a magical adventure. I'm so sad this film did not get a chance to have a proper cinematic release. Onward is full of heart, magic and reminds me why I fell in love with Pixar especially after a few less than impressive films. 

So, there you have it! My list of the 10 greatest Pixar movies. I hope you enjoyed this list! Please share the watchlist and cross of the films you've seen or as you watch. Why not re-watch every film on the list and cross of as you go? 

Thank you for reading and stay safe xx


  1. I have seen them all...I love them. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Pixar do make some great films! Thank you for reading x

  2. I'd have to say that Toy Story and Up are tied for first place for my favorite Pixar films. Great list!

    1. Up just missed out on the top 10 for me! But Toy Story is a classic. Thank you for reading x

  3. I adore all things disney and this a great list! Thanks for sharing x

  4. I haven't seen all of these but I absolutely love monsters Inc, definitely one of my top 10 ��

    1. Thank you for reading! Monsters Inc is a fab movie xx


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