IF Review

With spring finally in full bloom here in the UK, it's time for a May half-term movie. This year's pre-summer hit is IF (Directed by John Krasinski). I'll admit they first time I heard the title of this film, I initially concluded it was a horror film, but IF actually stands for Imaginary Friend and it is certainly not a horror film - what a relief! Thanks to Paramount Pictures UK I attended a preview screening of IF over the weekend and cannot wait to share my review with you all. IF is a must watch at the cinema this spring, read on to see why in this spoiler free review. Check out my Disney Summer Watchlist HERE The narrative revolves around young teen girl Bea (Cailey Fleming), who is going through a pretty turbulent time when she suddenly crossing paths with an imaginary friend named Blossom (Voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge). Seeing Blossom leads to Bea meeting Cal (Ryan Reynolds) a man that lives in Bea's Grandmothers (Fiona Shaw) building, who is trying to re-home

The Luna Cinema

Last night I was very lucky to attend The Luna Cinema presents The Greatest Showman at Leeds Castle in Kent. Thank you so much for the tickets The Luna Cinema it was an amazing experience. I've wanted to attend an outdoor movie screening ever since I first saw Grease, I know The Luna Cinema is not a drive in, but it is outside and at night which makes it pretty much the same thing. Have you ever been to an outdoor movie screening? If so let me know in the comments. Read on to find out about my experience, I also have some tips that will make your visit to The Luna Cinema extra magical!!
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Theres something about watching a film outside at night that has always seemed magical to me and last night was certainly a magical experience. I choose to watch The Greatest Showman at Leeds Castle, one of my favourite films at one of my favourite castles. The visuals alone are stunning, I arrived at Leeds Castle in day light but quickly the sun began to set, and the castle began to light up behind the screen! The great thing about The Luna Cinema is it's locations, most of their locations are at castles, parks and palaces such as: West Minster Abbey, Rochester Castle, Ascot Race Course, Hampton Court Palace and so many more! I mean how often do you get to watch a movie in front of a historical building or in a unique location? Once the sun had set all you could see is the screen and the castle, I cannot think of anything more perfect (Just make sure you know where you are sat because if you need to go for a wander you may get lost!). The most magical moment of last night was during the song 'A Million Dreams' P.T Barnum and Charity are dancing, the sun had not fully set and I looked up just in time to see ducks flying above me - where else can you get an experience like that? 

I admit I was a little worried about the screen size, I did think it would be bigger but actually the screen was big enough. Everyone could see and the picture quality was cinema standard. The sound quality was perfect also, they had speakers all around which meant you could hear every note of every song! The first few beats of 'Greatest Show' at the start of the film almost echoed off the surrounding trees - the opening of The Greatest Showman always gives me goose bumps and this was no exception. The walk back to the carpark was lit with lights in the trees and it made me think of magical fairies lighting the way home (or like the first time I saw fireflies in America and thought I was seeing fairies haha). 

I had such a great time last night, I even have some tips on how to make your The Luna Cinema experience that bit more magical: 
1) Take A Whole Picnic 

So there are some onsite vendors, last night you could buy sausages in a bun, pancakes and drinks. But what's great about The Luna Cinema is you can bring your own food and drinks as long as you don't bring glass. So, taking a whole picnic is totally fine! I saw some people with fold up tables and whole buffets I'm not sure I would go that far but why not? I took a selection of sweets and savoury items from Marks and Spencer's because no one does picnic food like M&S. But next time I think I would be tempted to take a little more food. 

2) Get Involved With The Movie 

You are watching a movie you love, outside surrounded by people that also love the movie, so get involved! Last night everyone was singing along, clapping and cheering at the end of each song which added to the experience and highlighted what cinema is all about: escapism and engagement. So, if you love a scene don't feel like you can't cheer or get really into it because chances are other people will! (Just imagine watching Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame at one of these events!!). 

3) Dress Well and Get Comfy 

I was a little silly and wore a Demin jacket and sandals last night and I was so cold!! I would recommend taking layers just in case it gets a little chilly. I took a blanket and so did lots of other people. Also, you can take your own camping chairs, so you won't look out of place sat in a chair snuggled in a blanket - it is the best way to enjoy the movie. 

4) Insect Spray

As it is nighttime I recommend taking some insect repellent. Bugs love being out at night and if you want to avoid being eaten alive make sure you pack some insect repellent. I used the Avon Skin So Soft: Dry Oil Spray because it actually smells nice and keeps the bugs away. Also be prepared for moths to just fly right in front of your face! 

5) Take Something So You Don't Get Lost 

So, I got up at one point to grab some photos and then I couldn't find my way back to my seat. I noticed a lot of people getting lost just like I did because the only light whilst the film is on is lighting on the castle so it can be difficult to find your way back. So, it may be worth taking a balloon or something small that will make you recognise your group. Just make sure you take something small that won't ruin others view of the screen. 

6) Arrive Early 

If you want to get as close to the front as possible make sure you arrive early, I got there a little later than I wanted and ended up in the middle which was fine because as I said the screen and sound quality are perfect. 

I had a great time last night at my first ever outdoor cinema experience and I cannot wait to go again. I would highly recommend The Luna Cinema, they put on such a well organised and magical event and the staff were all friendly and willing to help. If you are looking for a truly unique and magical experience that fills you with wonder then get yourself some tickets for your nearest The Luna Cinema event! Cinema is after all the creator of wonder!! 

Check out The Luna Cinema website: https://thelunacinema.com/2019

Thank you for reading xxx

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